Sharing What You Love

There are many great sites where you can connect with other people and share what you love. On these sites you get access to a platform, an audience, and you can learn from one another a great deal.  One of the things you can share is your passion, and for many, that is music. 

Music Notes
Image Credit: Brandon Giesbrecht

Connecting with People on Platforms

Teaching on these platforms means you can demonstrate how different songs share similar traits even if they are from different genres. “Showcase” by Dean Crouch is a reflection of Irish Traditional Folk Music. With his experience on the accordion, piano, and keyboard, he has brought excellent musicality to the work he produces, offering a wide range of grade speeds in his work. He specializes in heavy jigs, slip jigs, hornpipe, reel, light jigs, primary heavy jigs, and single jig. 

Most of the music that this musician produces follows the Traditional Irish music that originated out of the 18th century from Gaelic speaking peasant areas. 

  • Dancing was a popular event at all social gatherings and as such, dance music was not just expected for listening pleasure but for dancing. 

  • The hornpipe is a slower dance which allows dancers to use complicated steps. This music is best characterized by the dotted rhythm, triplets, and the 2 strong crotchets located in the last bar of the word. 

  • The reel is a Scottish style of music favored by traditional musicians. It is written in 4/4 but generally played in 2/2 with 2 steady beats for every bar. 

Styles and Tones  

Fundamental to Irish folk music is the combination of techniques associated with the central rhythm aesthetic of style. This emphasis is the result of increasing volume for individual notes within the patterns, which are intrinsic to the tune type. The duration and emphasis in this sense are fundamental to the traditional dance music that this musician continues today. In this piece the musician elongates the rhythmical values of certain notes, of course at the expense of the remaining notes, but a quaver based movement which is typically referred to as “motor rhythm”, something popular among Irish traditional dance music.

“Eu So Quero Um Xodo” by Dominguinhos is a prime example of Brazilian Northwestern music, which is very similar to folk music of Ireland. While there are elements of this style incorporated, this song comes from the Northeastern area of Brazil and is categorized by the musical genre of “Nordestino”, originating from the state of Pernambuco. The capital of this state is Recife from which many unique rhythms including maracuta, forro, and baião have come. The baião musical style used here is often confused with forro, and many would argue that forro is a very fast version of baião, but baião was a folkloric circle dance which originated from the northeastern area whose original instrumentation was the guitar, triangle, and zabumba bass drum. The binary form became a steadier 2/4 after the 1940’s and this resulted in its transformation as a dance style. 

In this area there exists a brush land region called Sertao which is home to cowboys and cattle, and Lampiao was the most famous figure to emerge from this time during the 1920’s and 1930’s. This song mimics the most popular style of music played in Sertao. The songwriter and accordionist was a member of an orchestra which specialized in arranging traditional Nordestino music. The rhythm of this arrangement is baiao which brings with it a staggered bass line, something which is a crucial differentiating factor between bossa and samba where the thumb would remain on the beat and the fingers would syncopate.  

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