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Mûkti Organics

Bioactive Native Australian Extracts

If you were to ask me «What’s the one thing on the outside of my body that I always want looking nice?», I would tell you it’s my skin. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than seeing fresh, bright, healthy and make up free skin on a girl, because the only accessory that needs to be added is a big, honest smile. 😀

Because of the nature of my work as a journalist and television host, often heavy cosmetics are on my skin. I’ve had to treat my skin very carefully because there were moments when I was really unhappy with my skin. Luckily I’ve increased my knowledge in this area and now I enjoy make up free skin.

My philosophy is to use only natural, organic and cruelty free (meaning that no animal has been harmed) products and it took me a long time to find what I wanted. When I tried Mukti Organics for the first time, I saw incredible results after just couple of weeks. I felt all those beautiful Australian extracts on my skin and I felt my skin breath again and look fresh and healthy. I’ve been using Mukti Organics for quite some time, and I am more than happy with the results. Only recently have I had the honour to partner with them, and I’m passionate about their  incredible mission to deliver their amazing cruelty free skincare products worldwide.